Aymen Loukil

SEO Consultant

International SEO Consultant

I’m computer science engineer, Speetals founder, ex-developer and independent SEO consultant. After two entrepreneurial experiences and several projects on behalf of small to medium companies and startups. Previously, I was working in ADEO Group as a Chief Product on solutions of omnichannel digital transformation.

My daily life is between research, experimentation and technological watch on one side and the accompaniment of technical teams on projects on the other hand. My technical background brings me a lot and helps me share the vision with my teams (developers, architects and engineers).

I accompany my clients as a Freelance SEO consultant to help them achieve their SEO visibility goals on the internet through SEO services. I offer SEO training, consulting, auditing and support. I also give talks in several conferences as a SEO speaker. I love sharing and exchanging on web and SEO topics with the community.