Optimize your content for Google Discover

how to optimize and get traffic from Google Discover

Google is moving fast with some nice features on search (Answer engine, Knowledge Graph, Structured data, voice search..etc). Sometimes Google is shrinking organic opportunities for websites owners with direct answers and 0 click queries (weather, some featured snippets, flights, definitions..etc) and sometimes giving some new landscapes. I believe that Google Discover is a new opportunity … Read moreOptimize your content for Google Discover

Run Google Lighthouse audits on mobile device

Run Google Lighthouse audit on mobile device

Identifying and knowing your users is crucial when it is about web performance optimization. Users have different contexts : wide range of devices, internet connections, latency. Every axis of these contexts does affect on a different scale the performance. Talking about devices, it is wide spectrum from low-end, medium to high-end ones and the experience … Read moreRun Google Lighthouse audits on mobile device