V3.3 of schema.org released

Schema.org v3.3 new version is out

V3.3 of schema.org released

The v3.3 of Schema.org is live now! The v3.3 name ‘enceladus’ was finally published (initially planned for june) and brings some new interesting things to the vocabulary mainly the HowTo type :

[CORE vocabulary]

  • Adds a HowTo type : It is a generalization of Recipe one and allows to describe how-to actions / articles. This is so important for SEOs / Webmasters authoring this kind of websites. Today Google is not based on Structured Data to fire up featured snippets but with this kind of vocabulary… i believe it would. (personal point of view). This new Type introduces many properties such as estimatedCost, performTime, tool, HowToSection, HowToItem, yield (generalization from recipe). I will provide soon a post explaining how to markup a HowTo article (stay tuned). Remember that Google Structured Data Testing Tool will be updated in few days..
  • Adds ‘touristType’ for Touristattraction. A new property describing for what type(s) of tourist the attraction is. For example children, sportsmen, adults…etc.
  • Extends the ‘availableLanguage’ to TouristAttraction (it was only available for : ContactPoint, LodgingBusiness and ServiceChannel), so we could tell what languages are used in this attraction.
  • Extends ‘isAccessibleForFree’ property to Place
  • Adds new property ‘publicAccess’ to Place (A place that could be accessible by public visitors)
  • New properties for EmailMessage : bccRecipient, ccRecipient and toRecipient.

[PENDING section]

  • New types around Review
  • New types around NewsArticle : more fine-grained distinctions such as : NewsMediaOrganization, ReportageNewsArticle, AnalysisNewsArticle, OpinionNewsArticle, ReviewNewsArticle, BackgroundNewsArticle, AdvertiserContentArticle, SatiricalArticle. A new overview document has been added for details : http://schema.org/docs/news.html
  • A new type PublicToilet : http://pending.schema.org/PublicToilet
  • A new type : Schedule to describe recurring events.
  • A new Type : Legislation with other terms based on ELI (European Legislation Identifier).
  • New property for jobPosting : estimatedSalary
  • EmployerReview as a review of an employer made by an employee (current or former) : http://pending.schema.org/EmployerReview
  • Added SatiricalArticle as a sub-type of Article

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