Google Bing Schema claimReview

ClaimReview and Fact checking : Google Vs Bing

Google Bing Schema claimReview

As Aaron Bradley spotted here, Bing added a new section to its Structured Data documentation about Claim Review. That means it started supporting markup about ClaimReview and intends to enrich results with dedicated snippet.

The documentation says : “ClaimReview annotations should be used to convey that the page contains fact check information. This may be used to display enhanced captions on Bing that help convey this information to users”. I found this new section very minimalist and does not provide as much details as Google one. So let’s compare the two :

1- Required properties and types :

  1. How to markup fact check claimreview
    Required properties and Types for ClaimReview description – Bing
    Claimreview Google description
    Required properties and Types for ClaimReview description – Google


    Apart from the fact that Google gives more details and pedagogy, Google requires the URL property. If you markup for both engines, don’t forget to add it.

2- Guidelines :

Guidelines bing, fact checking
Bing Guidelines for ClaimReview markup
Guidelines of Google claimreview markup
Google Guidelines for marking up ClaimReviews

One important thing to note, Google is making focus on News Articles markup, Bing is talking about articles and content in general.

Google is also referencing to Google News general Guidelines and News Publishers guidelines such as “Article titles must indicate that a claim is being reviewed, state the conclusions reached, or simply frame that the article’s contents consist of fact checking.”

Bing requires adding reference and citation to the original content despite it does not require the URL property : “Citations and references should be present and transparent, including references to primary data sources”.

3- Preview of target snippets:

Only Google is giving an overview of the target snippet for claim review / fact checking markup. If a page is hosting multiple claimReview elements, it could trigger a carousel on mobile (only).


4- Supported formats :

Google supports : Microdata, JSON-LD (recommended)

Bing supports : Microdata, Microformats : No JSON-LD support unfortunately.

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