Google images badges : A step further in web pages classification

After adding product’s details on image search preview on december 2016, Google announced today that they added some badges (pictograms) over images in order to indicate the type of the hosting document/webpage. This feature is only on Google mobile and the possible badges are : Recipe, Video, Product and GIF (Graphics Interchange Format : animated images). Here is the Google provided preview of this feature :

Google images search badges

This small but nice feature shows that Google is going a step further in determining the typology of web pages. It is trying to give users what they are really looking for (intent and goal) and this thanks to Structured Data markup. This is an opportunity for websites owners / SEO to gain qualified / targeted traffic.

In order to be eligible for these new cool badges here are the required markups :

  • Recipe badge : Schema/recipe (image property, a minimum of 232px by 130px, with a 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Video badge : Schema/Video (thumbnailUrl property, at least 160×90 pixels and at most 1920×1080 pixels)
  • Product : Schema/Product (image property, no dimensions specification)
  • GIF : this one is easy for Google 😉 no need for a markup.

To increase the chance to get these badges implement the appropriate markup and don’t forget to test it with the Google Structured Data Tool (If you still on localhost, check this tip).

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